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Valuable Innovations in the World of Smartphone Cases


In realizing the dream of creating smartphone cases that support healthy lives and happy families, there is a constant need for innovation. Matchless dedication to originality and meticulous care in design and production are only the beginning. The smartphone industry is rising steadily in emerging markets, and along with it certain producers of smartphone accessories are providing excellence and value. Clever innovations enhance ergonomic design, validate protective qualities, and invite personal expression.

Designing for Delightful Lifestyles

More and more, we find ourselves connecting to the internet while living active lifestyles, through mobile devices and smartphones that we carry with us all the time. Designers today have to consider the fine details and impacts of living in this fast moving world. Especially in the design of smartphone cases, sophisticated and clever innovations are being introduced by talented people.

Advancing the Green Revolution

In line with newer ways of thinking about reducing human effects on our environment and managing natural resources in our world, certain producers are innovating with greener technologies in their manufacturing processes. Considerations about the materials used in production are vital if we are to protect our world for future generations.

Intrinsic Elements of Smartphone Cases

Innovation is constantly in motion. At the forefront are innovative companies that are focused on turning possibilities into realities. Sustainable growth is possible through using urethanes for making smartphone cases rather than other plastics. Composed of the four most common elements in the world, urethanes contain fewer toxins and may be recycled.

Smartphone Cases help Define our Taste

Smart mobile devices are being selected by increasingly discerning buyers for their particular qualities. Smartphone cases can instantly enhance an owner’s experience of their smartphone. Smartphones and their accessories have to meet high standards of personal taste before becoming part of our everyday lives. Where once we made choices of accessory based mainly on fashion outfits and special occasions, we now also make choices based on eco-friendly production processes and proof a product is authentic.

Protecting and Serving our Families

Daily life can be hazardous to our smartphones. We carry them in pockets, purses, briefcases and often simply in one hand while we are doing something else. Smartphone cases with excellent grip are immediately useful in serving to prevent damage that can occur at any moment. Leaders in design vigorously innovate, molding for example a shock-absorbing honeycomb pattern in the urethane that reduces heat conduction and cushions impact most efficiently.

Expressing our Individual Style

Ergonomic design decisions made by innovative designers are helping to reduce weight and volume, increase grip and improve the antishock qualities of smartphone cases. Smartphones are well protected through the use of flexible yet robust and eco-friendly materials. And we are increasingly delighted with finding fantastic ways to express ourselves personally through a wide range of exciting colors and useful design variations.


Smartphone Processing: A Smarter Way to Increase Business


A smartphone merchant will enjoy helping someone use their phone in a way that it was meant to be used. Many people with smartphones do not enjoy the full benefits from having the phone. These companies will help those people get ahead with their life and business.

Everything is being done through the Internet these days. People are doing away with credit cards and just purchasing all of their food and other merchandise completely on the web. This is a nightmare for grocery stores and other stores trying to compete with the online world. Almost every home has an Internet connection. When the Internet first came out, not many people could afford it. Most of them could not even afford a computer. With computers being mass-produced today and the Internet becoming cheaper to use each month, it is no wonder why businesses are looking to advertise online. An average person will use a computer for an hour a day. Some people even create their livings using the Internet.

Though, the use of Smartphone processing is something new, but is gaining popular reviews from a variety of people and business owners. It is very easy to use and someone can accept a credit card payment from anyone, anywhere. They can accept deals from anywhere. Friends can exchange payments and give their peers payments right away. Anyone with a credit card can transfer money in a few seconds. Most phones need an attachment to accept credit cards, but some newer ones are having them integrated. This will still need a lot of research to be complete, but it will be here in no time.

If a user has a credit card, they can sign up with a website that accepts and transfers payments. Once they enter their information, they can send payments to any website or person through using their email address or other contact information. This is the best way to do all the shopping online. School supplies, food, and almost everything can be found on the Internet now. College educations are being offered completely online. This is truly a digital age and it is becoming more popular with everyone. these days, if you adopt Smartphone processing, it will surely increase your business as people are shifting to this new way of making payments.

In conclusion, the amount of time that people spend using a computer is increasing by the year. These people should wear protective eyeglasses to keep their eyes from straining too much. It can lead to other health problems if they are not careful.


Samsung Galaxy S – A Highly Versatile Android Smartphone


The Samsung Galaxy S is an Android  Smartphone  which has it all. Featuring the Android operating system, 5 mega pixel digital camera (which can record HD video) the 1GHz to processor, social networking integration and much, much more it has everything you could possibly ask for from a modern  Smartphone .

The Samsung Galaxy S is one of the slimmest smart phones out there, at just 9.9 mm thick. It is also very lightweight at 119 g making it a comfortable phone to hold and use. The front of the handset accommodates the huge 4 inch super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. This superb feature offers display of on screen imagery which has to be seen to be believed. The high the display quality is a result of the pixel configuration of 480x 800 which has the ability display up to 16M colours. The screen is made from scratch resistant glass, and also features accelerometer and proximity sensors along with the useful Swype text input method.

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S have the ability to assign MP3 and WAV files as ring tones, which operates in conjunction with vibration. Thanks to a built in speakerphone system and 3.5mm audio jack, handsfree conversations can be carried out with ease.

Either 16 GB or 8 GB of internal storage is provided as standard depending on which model is purchased. Whilst the 8 GB of the basic model is sure to prove ample for the needs of most users, there is also expandable storage thanks to an integrated microSD card slot. This can accommodate a memory card of up to 32 GB which means users can potentially store their entire digital music collection on their phone, or a large number of any other files, be they music, videos, photos or documents etc.

A variety of connectivity options are included as standard with the Samsung Galaxy S. For connecting to cellular networks, class 12 versions of both EDGE & GPRS are utilised, whilst Internet access relies primarily on 3G coverage. This is courtesy of an HSDPA connection which offers speeds of up to 7.2 mega bytes per second. Whenever users have access to local wireless routers, they can enjoy a faster browsing experience thanks to full Wi-Fi connectivity. Bluetooth and micro USB connections also included which allow users to carry out a number of different tasks by connecting to other compatible hardware devices.

With the built in 5 mega pixel digital camera, users have the option of either taking still images for shooting video footage. Still images are of high quality thanks to the pixel resolution of 2592x 1944, and a variety of built-in image enhancing features such as touch focus and face & smile detection. As users want to shoot video footage, the camera boasts the ability to shoot in HD (720p). Thanks to DLNA compatibility users can stream there videos directly from their phones to a compatible TV meaning they can enjoy their handiwork in all its high definition glory on the big screen.

There is a long list of built in apps and features which all contribute to making the Samsung Galaxy S one of the most versatile  Smartphones  currently available. These include features for entertainment and productivity purposes as well as social networking integration. Access to the Android Market allows users to expand on the functionality of the handset.

Thanks to its impressive specifications and aesthetic allure, users are assured of the ultimate  Smartphone  experience by choosing the Samsung Galaxy S.


Smartphone EMF Protection Through Detachment


Smartphones, cellphones, Tablets and all personal handheld communication devices are creating an extremely powerful attachment to your brain. Many people are living in a world which does not exist without the instant ability to connect, react and respond to information from these devices. This is an attachment. Attachment is a false sense of reality. A mental stronghold that controls and limits peoples ability to reach higher levels of consciousness, awareness and mindfulness. Attachments are not serving they are taking. Attachments create disease in the mind and body. Attachments stunt and retard the growth of consciousness in humans creating a mental prison of thoughts, ideas and fears. Attachments are all internal and negative. They do not serve you, you serve them. Attachments create fear and limit action.

Attachment to your smart phone is like living in a prison cell inside the matrix of your mind. With the thought of it and what it could be doing keeps you in a paralyzed fake reality. Controlled by the negative fears and thoughts of what you might miss or what could happen to you without, “my precious” coveted smart phone. Learning how to detach yourself from your Smartphone can free you from this prison and help you learn one of the 7 spiritual laws of success, Detachment.

Detachment is one of the most important ways of viewing life known to humankind. Detachment is limitless and the highest level of consciousness. Detachment is pure love. It is reaching a higher level of vibration. Detachment is as close to god as you can get. Detachment is what every single Avatar, sage and God like human that has walked this Earth mastered. Detachment in its basic form, is what they have been teaching in written texts throughout history. Detachment is getting in touch with yourself. Tapping into the infinite power of love light and divinity that the universe holds. Detachment is pure unconditional Christ like love. Detachment frees your mind and heals your body. Detachment give you endless energy. It is pure Love and giving to all things.

When practice the art of detaching yourself from the stronghold that cellphones, Smartphones and Tablets hold over you. You will be free, to completely be present and to be allot happier. Every time you have a thought about what is this? What is that? Were is so and so? How can I do this? How much does that cost? Were is that? If you have a smart phone next to you there is a very strong chance you will look it up. This is a great tool, it has helped in many of situations. But it has in many more ways created an information overload. People cannot handle that much information at one time. It’s a shotgun bang to the cerebrum. Done, finished excessive amounts, short-circuit. Stepping back and learning the art of detachment, you will control the impulsive information cravings. You will control how to sort out the crap from the needed. Free your mind from the mental slavery of vast information paralysis.

How to practice detachment. First this will be hard. Turn off your cellphone! Some people will actually get withdrawals and go into panic and possibly shock or convulsions. Its OK just let it happen. Next sit or lay on the floor in a comfortable position. Pretend that the back of your forehead is a T.V screen, whenever a thought or impulse comes onto the screen get rid of it. You can play a game with this either shoot it with a laser beam, or pretend its a sticky note and that note suddenly bursts into flames. Then disappears as black smoke. As you practice this more and more, it will get easier. As this becomes easier it will be more fun. As you have more fun doing this exercise you will be happier. Once you are having fun living in ease and being happy doing this exercise, in a controlled relaxing environment. You then can bring this to all places you go, all day everyday. When you have mastered the art of detachment to your smartphone, you will no longer feel the constant need to have it with you next to your body 24/7. This is the most powerful form of EMF protection available, Smartphone Abstinence. Use it when needed for a purpose. Use it don’t let the Smart Phone use and control you.

If you do have a need for work or other reasons to have your phone next to you, then the next best form of EMF protection is having some physical products on or near the phone. Air-tube headsets, EMF protection holsters and carriers. Orgonite and EMF radiation cellphone chips. Pendants and bracelet EMF protection all are powerful and great ways to keep your Brain and Body safe from the toxic effects of Cellphone EMF radiation.


Turn a Broken Blackberry Or Smartphone Into Cash!


Face it- we live in a fast-paced world, where our electronics have become vital to our success in both our personal and professional realms. Yet, with the constant rate of technology change coupled with the high frequency of use that our devices endure, electronics have become valued possessions with a high turn-over rate. Specifically, a blackberry or smartphone that is outdated or no longer working has littered our desks drawers or even worse, our landfills. Rather than attempting to sell their used blackberry or smartphone, many people mistakenly throw away their used blackberry or smartphone, littering land-fills with un-biodegradable plastics and metals, which carry toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, and nickel.

However, there is good news. There is an easy way to sell your smartphone or blackberry, whether it is working or not. Since 2002, Cash for Smartphones and Cash for Berrys has specialized in providing an easy and fast process to sell your blackberry or smartphone. Rather than littering land-fills with hazardous substances, you can sell your blackberry or smartphone and recycle it, preventing hazardous chemicals from leaching out into landfills.

In addition, when you go to sell your blackberry or smartphone, we know that you want a process that will be both fast and easy. Don’t wait for people to bid on eBay or items to sell on Craigslist. When you go to the websites you will get a free quote in just a few seconds. Following the quote, you will be rushed a prepaid box/envelope and, upon receipt of your blackberry or smartphone, a check will be mailed within one business day. Their entire process is clearly explained within the privacy policy of the company, an integral part of gaining your trust as a customer. In addition, there are multiple customer testimonials on both the websites, in which customers are surprised at the high value they received for their blackberry or smartphone. Many customers have highly recommended the websites to others as the best places to sell a blackberry or smartphone.

Essentially, it is a win-win situation. You will be paid to sell your blackberry or smartphone- recycling your old or broken device, which helps prevent electronic waste, and fosters the reuse of metals and plastics. Rather than trying to pay someone to repair your phone, you can sell your smartphone or blackberry to the ‘Cash for’ family, and get cash to help pay for your next blackberry or smartphone.


HTC One Series Smartphone – What’s New For Android Users?


World’s renowned Smartphone maker, HTC Corp, Taiwan has finally launched an ultimate range of phones that are enriched with advanced camera and music features. These brand new designs have been introduced in order to recover from the rapid fall that company experienced last year. It was losing its fight at the end of last year, when its sales were drooping drastically and investors deserted all its shares on the concern that it may lose the edge.

The launch hosted at Barcelona Mobile World Congress is being considered as a crucial venture for HTC with its battle against big players like Apple Inc. and Samsung. Brand’s rise from a vague contract maker to a designer of Smartphones was quite rapid and analysts after scrutinizing the new gadgets said that its approach with the novel devices characterize a pragmatic choice for a business that lacks the resources of its big playing rivals.

HTC Android One Series

HTC One series comprises three models, namely One X, One S and One V, that run the latest version of Google’s Android software. All these gadgets are loaded with Image Sense camera technology that offers photography on a par with traditional digital cameras, including low light shooting and fast autofocus. In addition to this, these devices feature sharing software and photo storage, as well.

The fast processors for graphics along with polycarbonate and metal cases make the newly launched devices even harder and resilient than the standard ones. Music features include integrating internet radio and using audio technology from Beats Electronics, which the brand bought last year, for games and music.

Experts Comments

Principal Analyst at Informa Telecoms & Media stated that HTC seems to have learned from its mistakes that it made in 2011. He added that company is now aiming to focus on what they do best and have built their brand on bringing innovation through design of premium devices rather than spreading efforts across all the segments of market.

Head of research at CCS Insight stated that the products look competitive, but company executives will be looking over their shoulders nervously to see how these new devices stack up against rival Android Smartphones that are also being announced at the show. Principal analyst at Ovum added that company’s strategy to streamline its branding and to offer fewer, better differentiated products is a reaction to both market forces and engineering necessity.

While the big brand was expecting a drop in revenue of as much as 36% for the first quarter, the launch of new Smartphone range is anticipated to prove as a ray of hope.


Top 10 Must-Have Features of the Best Smartphone


Many consumers demand different things from smartphone makers but getting everything is not easy. There are some features that are less important than others and here we are talking about the must-have features of a good smartphone. When one is going to purchase a smartphone, it is an important decision and one should make sure that the essential features are a part of that phone.

1. Platform

When it comes to best smartphone platforms, there are three wide choices: Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Android and iOS are the most popular ones and Windows Phone is slowly trying to grab a remarkable share in the market. iOS is used on every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is simple to use and learn and has enough features to make you productive and satisfied. New and innovative apps make their debuts at this platform on regular basis. Android is rapidly taking over the mobile landscape. This open source platform appeals to massive smartphones ranging from small, three-inch devices to massive smartphones with screens well over six inches in sizes. As developed by Google, it offers the best integration with Google’s services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and many more.

2. Hardware

One of the biggest Android’s strengths is the vast variety of hardware. The powerful android phones have massive screens. Virtual keyboards have come a long way in terms of accuracy and speed. It comes with predictive features, making the lack of hardware keyboard a non-issue for most people. Many of the best smartphone available today feature virtual keyboard.

3. Appealing Design

The most appealing feature of a smartphone is its design. The smartphone should be good-looking and decently built. This is a subjective matter and may vary from person to person but essentially, is an important factor. The phone should be well-built and look good. A good mobile phone must be light weight and small. When trying to purchase next mobile phone, you should make sure that it can easily put into your pocket without much trouble. It should be very portable so that it’s not easy for your cell phone to get lost.

4. Good Battery

The best smartphone also have a good battery. Phones with stronger batteries can last days and battery is a very essential feature one looks in for a smartphones. As more people complain about the battery drainage problem, it is important to take this factor into consideration prior to making the purchase. You should read out online reviews to get an insight about the durability of phone’s battery. The best smartphones have quality battery management system.

5. A Better User Experience

Another quality of the best smartphone is it’s ease of use. It should not take me hours to locate my camera or gallery. The overall experience of using a smartphone should be well optimized or bug free. It should also contain quality applications and a firmware version to make it easy for users to use external files.

6. Screen Size and Resolution

With a plethora of smartphones flooding the market, it is essential to consider the factors that are most comfortable to you. Today, there are so many big phones (phablets) available in the market and you should make sure that the smartphone you buy is comfortable to hold and relatively light weight. Larger screen enables one to see much more and is ideal for elderly and those with vision problems. Screen resolution is the amount of pixels in the screen and when buying a phone, makes sure the display has a resolution of 1280 by 720 or higher. Now, one needs to make the choice for LCD and AMOLED screens. LCD screens have a slight advantage over AMOLED due to accuracy and brightness. Colors are not always accurate in AMOLED displays.

7. Camera

These days, camera is one of the most cherished features. As the craze for pictures and selfies is on the high, the need to choose the right camera phone is becoming increasingly important. To choose the right camera, it is not sufficient to look at the megapixels. You can look at online reviews of the phone’s camera and view sample photos taken with the phone’s camera. You should look at sample videos of the smartphones as well.

8. Software Features

In addition to hardware features, one needs to consider software features as well. The newest and latest phones should have the latest and productive features. Online reviews provide detailed information about software as well. Check out the video demonstrations of the features and watch how these features work. You should access your needs and make sure that they benefit you and make you more productive.

9. Memory and Processing Power

Owing to the increasing competition, manufacturers are stuffing more and more memory and processing cores into the smartphones. Flagship phones have 2-3 GB RAM, Quad Core Snapdragon 600 or 800 Processor, while Midrange Phone specs are 1-2 GB RAM and Dual Core Snap S4 Pro Processor. The device should offer good value for money and provide a satisfactory experience. It should have enough features to do your necessary tasks.

10. Accessories

Last not but the least, here comes accessories. They really enhance the functionality of mobile phone. Flagship smartphones typically offer more support and have a great variety of cases, screen covers, stylus pens and many more. On the other hand, mid range devices are also good choices when you want to save money and by good accessories.


With so many features to look around, almost every phone falls short in one area or the other. You should determine your budgets, the features you want and then shortlist the phones. Online reviews ease your task of finding the best smartphone. As the reviews are unbiased and trustworthy, they help you land to the smartphone of your choice. To get the best android phones, you really need to do some researching before spending your valuable money. Be sure to consider above features while making the purchase.


Smartphone Apps for Your Car


Cars and phones can be a good combination. While it is unsafe to text or talk on the phone while driving,  Smartphones  and automakers are teaming up in a different way. Automakers are beginning to introduce applications for phones that can assist drivers with their vehicles in a variety of ways. While different manufacturers have created very different Apps, the trend as a whole is heading in a similar direction, which is making more information available to drivers in a fast, easy, fun, and environmentally-friendly way.

Chrysler has replaced paper owner’s manuals with a  Smartphone  app. Since owner’s manuals are often hundreds of pages long, this app is both environmentally friendly and more convenient. Drivers no longer have to store bulky manuals in their glove compartment, and the app will make sections of the manual easier to find than they are in the manual or on the CD version that is offered with some models. This app will be free and will also include video demonstrations.

Another automaker introducing  Smartphone  apps is Audi. While their CarMonitor app is still in development, the application will give drivers information about their car by plugging it into their car’s OBD-II port, which is the same port mechanics use to communicate with the car’s computer. This app will tell the driver what miles per gallon their car is getting over the course of a trip, engine revolutions, and emissions. Audi drivers will also be able to use this app to communicate with other Audi owners and find comparable data. Drivers will then be able to use this data to find more information, such as which routes are the most efficient.

Some auto manufacturers have been linking  Smartphones  to cars for a little while now. This summer, GM’s OnStar communications service introduced a feature that allows GM drivers to lock or start their car remotely from their  Smartphone . The application also allows owners to flash their headlights or honk the car’s horn from their phone to help find it in a crowded parking lot. However, this service is only available to OnStar subscribers.

While most of these features have been created by the car manufacturers themselves, there are also some helpful apps that are being designed by third parties. One of these is a radar detection application, which picks up signals from police speed radar guns and warns the driver. This feature also warns the driver of red-light cameras. Another application currently being developed overseas is a webcam, which will allow drivers to transmit webcam images to their phone. This would allow parents to watch their teenager or anyone else who is driving their car when they are not in the vehicle with them. Although neither of these applications are free, as most of the automaker apps are or will be, they are definitely beneficial and something to look into.

Whether customers are looking for convenience, cool applications, help with their car, or just the latest technology, the alliance between vehicles and  Smartphone  apps is definitely a step in the right direction.


Smartphone Baby Monitors – Common Misunderstandings


What exactly are smartphone baby monitors, and how do they work? There are several popular misconceptions and misunderstandings about smartphone monitors, and so in this article I’ll be taking a look at some of them, and making it easier for parents to know what to look out for.

First of all, what exactly is a smartphone baby monitor? Years ago the traditional baby monitor included two parts. One part was the sensor unit which was placed in your child’s nursery, and which transmitted the audio from the nursery, a video feed from the built in camera, and possibly other information such as the temperature of the room.

The second part was the receiving unit which was carried by the parent. This unit received the data from the one in the nursery, broadcasting the sound, displaying the temperature and providing live footage from the nursery camera.

Today however smartphone technology has allowed for this second unit to be replaced with a smartphone instead. This makes a lot of sense, because if you have a unit in the nursery which is transmitting audio, video and data, what better way of receiving and viewing that data than with a modern mobile phone?

Not only this, but it’s a lot more convenient for the parent. Most of us carry our smartphones with us wherever we go anyway, and they’re usually small, slim and lightweight enough to be extremely portable. Many of the receiving units for baby monitors were a good deal larger, bulkier and heavier, and there seems little point carrying two devices around when one of them can do the job of both anyway.

One of the common misconceptions people have is that you have to use an iPhone. Certainly an Apple iPhone will work extremely well as part of this sort of monitoring system, and in fact iPads can also be used. But there’s absolutely no reason to assume that such technology is limited to Apple devices. Android phones will also be able to use baby monitoring devices too, and almost every type of smartphone today will be able to take advantage of this technology.

Another popular myth is that such a system is hard to set up, especially compared to most other types of baby monitor systems. In fact this couldn’t be more wrong, and many people have found that smartphone baby monitors are easier to set up than anything.

The manufacturer of these devices will also have made and published a free app which you can download to your phone, and which will then connect to your sensor monitor in your child’s nursery. It will do this by using your existing wireless network. If you can download and install Angry Birds, you can set up and install a smartphone monitoring system!

A third assumption often made is that you have to be connected to your home wireless network in order to be able to view your baby, hear them, or even talk to them through the device in their nursery. In fact one of the great advantages with these devices is that you can be anywhere in the world, and still be able to see your little one, hear their little gurgles, and talk to them so that they can hear your voice whilst resting in their cot.

All you need is an internet connection. The app installed on your phone will provide you with a completely secure and completely private connection to the monitor in your child’s nursery, so that if you need to be away on a business trip, you’ll still be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from seeing and hearing your child is safe, well and happy.


Basic First Aid For Your Smartphone


“It’s all my fault,” Colin stated sadly as he lowered his head into his hands. “I shouldn’t have been in such a rush.”

“It was a freak accident,” his girlfriend said sympathetically.

As Colin sat there, reliving the nightmare over and over in his head, he saw the door open. He quickly stood up to ask from across the waiting area, “Is everything OK?”

The doctor laid his hand on Colin’s shoulder, saying, “We did all we could… “

“You mean… ?”

“Yep,” said the doctor. “We got all the water out and your phone is good as new!”

Scenes like this play out every day, where hundreds of people imagine the absolute worst when their device has been damaged. I don’t blame them. When you see your phone smashed up, you think the chances of it ever working again are equal to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell winning a popularity contest in Louisiana.

Although pessimism is normal, today’s smart devices can often be repaired, even after suffering severe damage.

While not all devices can be saved (Remember that time your baby niece heated up your phone in the toaster after slathering it with butter?), there are things you can do to increase the odds of your device surviving a traumatic event until you are able to bring it to a professional repair technician.


Problem: Liquid damage

Note: A wet device has high potential for short-circuiting if not quickly addressed.

Common Causes: Toilets, sinks, puddles, pools, soft drinks, alcohol.

First Aid: Surprisingly, about 8 out of 10 of all moisture-damaged phones can be saved if the device is powered down and brought in for immediate repair.

Try removing any liquid as soon as possible. If you have access to a vacuum cleaner, you can use it to help suck the liquid out. Avoid using a blow-dryer, as it can push the liquid farther into the crevices of your device. If possible, immediately remove the battery and do not plug the device in. Put your device in a zip-locked bag filled with dry rice or silica packets; the more, the better. These items draw in and absorb moisture and are a good way to save your device.

Leave the device in the bag for a minimum of 24 hours; however, if the device “sank beneath the waves,” as in it was completely submerged, then keep it in for 48-72 hours. Also, place it in a warm area to increase the evaporation speed. But, remember, do not put the battery back in or hook it up to any power source. Even if the device starts working, it’s best to bring it to a repair tech to have someone look it over. Previously wet devices have a high chance of future failure due to what’s left behind after the liquid has evaporated, which can corrode the device’s interior. Be safe-bring it in.

Problem: Software failure

Note: If the phone’s software isn’t working, all you have is an expensive paperweight.

Common Causes: App glitches/bugs, carrier updates, malware, dropped device

First Aid: If you are certain there is no moisture in the device, simply plug it into a charger and perform a “power on” or “hard reset.” Hard resets vary from phone to phone. For an iPhone, hold both the circular “home” button and power button for a minimum of 15 seconds. Many Samsung devices have differing hard reset key functions, but the primary process is holding the power and volume keys for a period of about 10 seconds. Generally, following these simple steps after a tough drop will bring your phone back online.

Problem: Battery issues

Note: The phone isn’t powering on or it’s losing power at a rapid pace

Common Causes: Extended usage, long time between charges

First Aid: Turn your device off at the end of your day and put it on the charger. You’ll find that your phone will fall into a regular cycle of maintaining power throughout the day without having to be plugged in again as soon as you finish your morning coffee. Another option is to charge your device when its battery is at 40 percent, not 10 percent. Recharging when it’s almost dead too often will make the battery do more work and lower its life expectancy. Finally, you can save battery life by dimming your device’s screen. By keeping the brightness level as low as possible, you will help your battery gain more time between charges. Also, turn off all background data, Wi-Fi, GPS or any other apps running behind the scenes. If the battery is still dropping fast after trying these tips, it’s probably time for a battery replacement.

Problem: Hardware failure

Note: Devices fall on hard times just like the rest of us

Common Causes: Concrete, other items in your pocket and/or purse, et cetera

First Aid: Many hardware failures involve a broken screen, cracked case, non-functioning speakers or busted connection ports. Short of using a protective case, you can’t really correct hardware issues without replacing the broken pieces.

If the touch sensor on your front screen is damaged, you will be unable to use the primary functions on your phone and will need to bring it to a repair tech for a quick screen replacement. Depending on the make and model, most broken devices can be fixed within an hour. Of course, you could always try using tape because, you know, tape fixes everything. Kidding.