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HTC One Series Smartphone – What’s New For Android Users?


World’s renowned Smartphone maker, HTC Corp, Taiwan has finally launched an ultimate range of phones that are enriched with advanced camera and music features. These brand new designs have been introduced in order to recover from the rapid fall that company experienced last year. It was losing its fight at the end of last year, when its sales were drooping drastically and investors deserted all its shares on the concern that it may lose the edge.

The launch hosted at Barcelona Mobile World Congress is being considered as a crucial venture for HTC with its battle against big players like Apple Inc. and Samsung. Brand’s rise from a vague contract maker to a designer of Smartphones was quite rapid and analysts after scrutinizing the new gadgets said that its approach with the novel devices characterize a pragmatic choice for a business that lacks the resources of its big playing rivals.

HTC Android One Series

HTC One series comprises three models, namely One X, One S and One V, that run the latest version of Google’s Android software. All these gadgets are loaded with Image Sense camera technology that offers photography on a par with traditional digital cameras, including low light shooting and fast autofocus. In addition to this, these devices feature sharing software and photo storage, as well.

The fast processors for graphics along with polycarbonate and metal cases make the newly launched devices even harder and resilient than the standard ones. Music features include integrating internet radio and using audio technology from Beats Electronics, which the brand bought last year, for games and music.

Experts Comments

Principal Analyst at Informa Telecoms & Media stated that HTC seems to have learned from its mistakes that it made in 2011. He added that company is now aiming to focus on what they do best and have built their brand on bringing innovation through design of premium devices rather than spreading efforts across all the segments of market.

Head of research at CCS Insight stated that the products look competitive, but company executives will be looking over their shoulders nervously to see how these new devices stack up against rival Android Smartphones that are also being announced at the show. Principal analyst at Ovum added that company’s strategy to streamline its branding and to offer fewer, better differentiated products is a reaction to both market forces and engineering necessity.

While the big brand was expecting a drop in revenue of as much as 36% for the first quarter, the launch of new Smartphone range is anticipated to prove as a ray of hope.